Updates (homepage)

  L2WHdb-version of this page: CT2 Gracia Final 1.0
  L2JDP-version of this page: Revision 9434

v1.08 (03-09-2007)
  Shell-script for updating the L2JDP-tables automatically (optional)
  Added Firefox/IE7 searchengines for monsters and items (thanks to Anti-Zombie)
  Rates can be changed by each user separately (if neccessary)

v1.07 (03-02-2007)
  Minor changes to work with the new droplist-table of L2JDP (sweep->category)

v1.06 (12-19-2006)

v1.05 (07-09-2006)
  Added template-engine
  Some minor bug-fixes

v1.04 (06-24-2006)
  Added new recipe-search and links to the recipes and crafting-items in the itemlist
  Added monster- and npc-listings by level
  Added new shop-search by itemname
  Added a line for the current server-ratings to the droplist-page
  Some minor changes to the error-handling
  Bug-Fix: show spoil-only drops
  Complete new code and design

v1.03 (06-10-2006)
  Fixed SQL-queries due to the new raidboss-spawnlist
  NPC-list divided in monsters/boss-monsters/boss-minions/npcs

v1.02 (04-19-2006)
  For minions only the boss-position will show up on the map
  C4-monsters and C4-items added (incl. images)

v1.01 (04-14-2006)
  The droplist is now sorted by 'chance'
  Update: C4 Map (new calculation of coordinates)
  Bug-Fix: the spoil-rate will now be calculated correctly
  PHP-Framework and SQL-queries